The Demon's Chains

The Frozen Wastes

Images cap40 pjxAfter being teleported from the goblin bogs with their new curse to go on top of their old one they set out to get the next of the artifacts of the fey along with their new companion as their old ones had not yet returned from whatever foul task the demon had set them. Facing undead hordes and many other challenges in the end the group proved stronger than their undead counterparts and with much difficulty killed the lich and retrieved a third artifact of the fey. Now with the help of the spirit who had laid a curse on them in return for her help they headed toward a labyrinth located in the middle of the sea looking for the fourth of Magus’s artifacts of the fey.

Larson’s Log
Hopefully that elemental will get control of himself before he summons another tornado on my ass. Being shot across frozen tundra its exactly my cup of tea. Infltrating that ice castle wasn’t too bad though, thanks to my good ol’ grappling hook! That and that mad man’s levitating sticks. If you ask me he must be hacking…
On a different note I felt an overwhelming annoyance towards that unlucky shade fellow. Strange because I really don’t know why I came to hate him so…
Taking out the hordes of skeletons and undead was so much fun! We just ran through them essentially! Even my blowgun proved very effective against them as they shattered to bits. But I must say, that misfortune potion the professor used on the undead mage is tough stuff, she killed half her allies! Just hope he never drops some it on me by accident.
Waiting in that hallway gave that powerful wizard just the time he wanted to summon that Skeletal Dragon Hound. That thing managed to turn the bard and shade against the professor! The ol’ man was too quick for them though and managed to avoid their treacherous attacks. Meanwhile I practically took out the beast on my own! Well, the owl bear did help… not to mention the heals from the paladin… and he did nearly swallowed me whole after he grabbed my grappling hook mid flight… but I planned that all along! He gave me perfect position to smash his skull from the inside out and end his miserable existence!
I saw that the wizard had a lot of maps and geography books; he must have been planning something, or looking for something. One was of a Gnome city, but I didn’t get out to the coast much in my work and there are just so many that I don’t think I know too much about this one in particular…



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