• Aetebet


    Once human, after a horrendous injury has become more than just a man.
  • Keros A'Zul

    Keros A'Zul

    Dark Elf Witch Doctor
  • Larson Von Grunston

    Larson Von Grunston

    A gnome rogue betrayed by the very government he served.
  • Noridra


    Holy Paladin
  • The Professor

    The Professor

    "Now why would I just catch something on fire when I can blow it up amidst a cloud of incendiary worms?" --The Professor
  • Xen


    A 20 year old human who has already become a Thema Mage.
  • Gloria Whistleburn

    Gloria Whistleburn

    An herbalist located in Hathor's Tear and friend to none other than The Professor
  • Gnaeus Naevius

    Gnaeus Naevius

    "facta cano nautasque navis fortissimos Kjollis"--"I sing of the deeds and sailors most brave of the ship Kjoll."
  • Lord Harkon

    Lord Harkon

    Lord Harkon is the lord of the holy city, Hathor's Tear.
  • Skeletal Dragon Hound

    Skeletal Dragon Hound

    Giant Skeletal Dragon Hound