Keros A'Zul

Dark Elf Witch Doctor


Age: 19
Strength: 2
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 8

Spells and Summons
Summon Zombie (Mastered) (1prPrep) 3 Zombies: S:1 A:1 Single Zombie: S:3 A:3
Death and Decay (Area of Effect) (Not Mastered)
Corrupt (M) (Damage over Time) (ST)
Life Drain (Chain) (NM) Only once per day
Blind (1prDay) (ST)
Ghoul Touch (AOE) (DoT) “Paralyzes one subject, which exudes stench that makes those nearby sickened.”

Spell component pouch
Torn Robe
Ear Necklace – 6 Kobold 1 Orc
Belt of Scrolls
Sacred Skull
Gold: 50


A powerful Witch Doctor that spent most of his life in a cage as a prisoner. Trained by a dark elderly witch doctor and necromancer in a nearby cell. Through him, Keros learned most if not all of his spells and summons.
Likes: Ears, the smell of rotting flesh, writing down new spells and summons, loot
Hates: Anything without ears, High Elves, when his zombies die
Goals: Gain more ears, learn more spells, adventure

Keros A'Zul

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