Larson Von Grunston

A gnome rogue betrayed by the very government he served.


Health: 15
Strength: 4
Agility: 7
Intelligence: 3

Specialties: Assassination, stealth, lock-picking, scaling.
Preferred weapons/armor types: Light
Main Items: Blowgun, short sword, leather armor, grappling hook.
Key Items: Crystal Ball of Sight, Map of the Ocean Labyrinth



Larson was once one of the best men for hire in all of Gnomeland. That was until he was handed down a “final assignment” from the High Council, the rulers of Gnomeland, whom he accepted contracts from time to time. Leaving his two brothers at their home in Grunston, a city five gnome miles away from the capital of Gnomeland, Larson set off to take care of the Barberson Bandits. A simple task on the surface, but he soon found out otherwise. Traveling through Markson’s Pass, Larson was ambushed not only by the bandits, but also by the High Counsel’s personal guards, the Hidden Division. Outnumbered and outmatched Larson had no choice to surrender…


Larson grew up in fair circumstance. His family was loving and he received a good gnome education in Grunston with his two younger brothers. His mother had been a seamstress and his father worked in the forestry. They did honest work for honest pay.
The fate of Larson’s parents however, fell ill. They were sweep from their home one day while the trio of brothers were out of town, no one knows what happened to them. Nothing had been disturbed, spare a few broken glasses and out of place chairs. No one in the town saw anything that night either. Local authorities had little to work on if anything and dropped the case almost as soon as it had been started.
Larson was outraged at them at first, nearly threatened to assault the guardhouse, but regained is better judgement before taken any such foolish action. Instead Larson took it upon himself to find the fate of his parents and protect his brothers from the same. With a lack of direction, Larson traveled to the Gnome capital where he questioned anyone in the numerous taverns and inns within the city if they had seen his parents. Alas this proved very futile and Larson had nearly given up until he received an anonymous letter detailing that a caravan headed north out of the city may interest him. He immediately took haste out of the city and found the caravan that was mentioned in the letter. Overcome with emotion, Larson rushed towards them, but before he could stop the nearest one he fell to the ground with his feet tied together by a sling. The next thing he knew his head was smashed by a club, knocking him out. The last thing he saw was a face peaking out of the caravan that resembled that of his father, followed by a shady figure caring the club.
When he awoke Larson returned to Grunston to inform his brothers what had happened. At that point there had been no use pursuing the caravan. After that day Larson turned to doing “dirty work” in order to develop the skills he thought necessary to eventually find a rescue his parents, wherever they may be now. He even got employed by the government to carry out high priority missions, though they would never admit to it of course.
To this day Larson thinks of what he has set himself out to do, and will not rest until his personal mission is completed.

Larson Von Grunston

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