The Professor

"Now why would I just catch something on fire when I can blow it up amidst a cloud of incendiary worms?" --The Professor


The Proffesor travels as a scientist. This entitles that he wears a white lab coat, carries all of his alchemy tools, and of course his beloved potions and ingredients. Unlike many other adventurer’s he doesn’t fany wearing any sort of armor. The Professor is about 5"11 feet tall and lanky. He wears a thin mustache and his hair is moderately long and completely unkept. All of the proffesor’s hair is a bleached white, the result of a botched alchemy experiment that had odd side effects.


Excerpt from the Professors Journal___

I am Heinrich Kahn. How odd this name sounds to my ears these days, ever since I packed up all of my possessions and left my father’s house have I been known as “The Professor”. What a grand name don’t you think, full of splendor and mystery, it really captures the imagination! I was recently pondering life (something I do quite often) and I thought to myself that I might want to write some sort of a biography of my life. The reasons for this odd impulse are quite simple, I want anyone to be able to relate with who I am, my emotions, feelings, thoughts, history, oh for god sakes I digress!

I was born to an extremely rich family in Balv, the city of fortune. What a marvelous city this was, directly on the coast with warm weather year round (Not like I enjoyed it much, I prefer the confines of my lab). My father had obtained our massive fortunes through hard work. My father was one of the most prominent traders in the city and frankly in the world. This is exactly where my problems began to arise though. From the second I was born everyone knew I was different. For god sakes I could speak well before I could walk! My father took this as a sign that I was going to be something special, he was soon to find out that I was a special pain in the ass. He had always assumed that his first son would inherit the family business and keep it running. This is where the real tragedy arises in the whole story, from an early age he noticed that I would never be capable of fulfilling his wants. I was a genius; I was smarter than my tutor at the age of 8. None of this helped me though because all that I cared about was science. Many people proclaimed my obsession as madness, but how can the pursuit of knowledge be madness! Yes at times that pursuit got me in trouble (for example when I caught my father’s favorite horse on fire), but it was all done in good heart! All of these tensions continued to create a rift between us, and even when I graduated university at the age of 13 he didn’t even congratulate me. Upon the birth of his second son, Bastian, I knew that was the end of me. It was my eighteenth summer when I was promptly shunned from the family. Granted they left me with a good sum of money, but under one condition. I could never divulge to anyone that I was a member of the Kahn family for my father was afraid that I would disgrace his family. Now I was perfectly content with this change in my life, all that it did was allow me the freedom to practice alchemy to my heart’s content. Oh what a wonderful day that was! The sun was bright above me and I just set off into the distance.

This adventure found me in the city of Hathor’s Tear. What an odd city this was, with their holy paladins and high morals. I found it as good as any city that I would find though so I decided to settle down and continue my studies that I had taken much to long of an absence from. I bought a small home in the trade quarter and began my experiments anew. I made some significant discoveries in that little beloved hovel of mine, all until that fated day. I went to the herbalists shop and as per usual asked if he had any exotic materials in. That day he had received a pinch of Volcano Powder, which I promptly bought up with the uptmost eagerness. I was a bit hasty with this concoction of mine. In my very hands it began to heat up with no signs of stopping, this is when I noticed that I had probably made a mistake. I set it down on the table and proceeded to gather all of my most important belongings and I jumped into my bomb shelter (I had created this shelter in my floor, and it was made with the uptmost care to be the safest steel box that I could construct. Quite a marvel of engineering if I will say so myself). I jumped in and closed the door, and at that very instant did I hear the most horrendous of explosions and I felt the most severe of vibrations through my box. I legitemently thought that I was going to wake up in the void, but I survived. Upon opening my hatch I noticed that my entire city block around me had been leveled and demolished by my explosion. I was promptly arrested and charged with the murder of my city block. It still baffles me as to how they could condemn me for this, can they not see that it was an honest mistake!

Well, as I write this I sit in some horrendous dark and dank cell in this god forbid prison. I don’t know what my fate will be, but i’m sure i’ll find my way out of here somewhow. Then i’ll be out again and free! Free to continue my studies!

**Update- I read that last line, and ohh what irony it contains! Yes I escaped and yes I have my freedom from the prison. I hardly have the freedom of my life though as I have found myself in the clutches of some foul, rank, and idiotic demon. I am not alone though, I have quite the odd group assembled with me. Most people would look upon this situation with a sense of dread, but I look on it with excitment. These people that I am with are so very interesting, and these adventures we are embarking on are so very intriguing. I think I might really enjoy this!

The Professor

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