A 20 year old human who has already become a Thema Mage.


Name: Xen
Class: Thema Mage (Instability)


Seven Rings of Control (Each ring represents one of the chests Xen has access to. For example the first ring has a sword engraved on it, the second a bow, the third a fireball, etc.)
White cloth shirt
Brown cloth pants
Health potion
Dried meat and berries
Leather Boots


Rules: The power granted to Xen by being an instability thema mage is the ability to call upon the power of randomizer chests. These are small floating chests which when opened grant it’s user a unique skill, item, power, etc. At the moment Xen’s power level is at the point where he can access up to the first seven chests over a period of seven turns. Each turn one more box becomes available to him, and although it may seem like each box would be more powerful than the last this is true to some extent but not always. Each turn Xen can only open one of these box except for on special occasions where he may be allowed to access multiple chests in a single turn. This means that even though by turn seven Xen is at his full strength and has access to all seven chests he still has to choose which of the chests it is he wishes to open that turn.

Randomizer Boxes

Box 1 – Melee Weapons

1. Butter Knife
2. Claymore
3. One handed axe
4. Butcher’s cleaver
5. Flaming 1h sword
6. Ice dagger
7. Whip
8. Broom
9. Two handed mace
10. One handed mace
11. Staff of teleportation
12. Morning star
13. Flail
14. Spear
15. Spear of the doppelganger
16. Sharp rock shard
17. Trident
18. Halberd of knockback
19. Open this box again and another one
20. Dagger of enslavement

Box 2 – Ranged Weapons

1. Bow and arrows
2. Blowgun
3. Bag of pebbles
4. Wooden Bowl
5. Javelin
6. Sling shot
7. Shuriken
8. Wooden stick
9. Trebuchet
10. Throwing knives
11. Homing javelin
12. Bag of explosive pebbles
13. Poisoned shuriken
14. Dull throwing knives
15. Sling shot of incredible power
16. Barrage blowgun
17. Fork
18. Large rock
19. Open this box again and another one
20. Chain slingshot

Box 3 – Magic Projectiles/Spells

1. Pile of feathers
2. Fireball
3. Iceball
4. Lightning bolt
5. Sleep spell
6. Flower sprout on head of enemy
7. Gust of wind
8. Knockback
9. Waterball
10. Flood
11. Fire wall
12. Flight
13. Chain lightning
14. Magic missile
15. Ice shards
16. Rain
17. Magic barrier
18. Acid rain
19. Open this box again along with another one
20. Convert object against its owner

Box 4 – Summons

1. Summon chicken
2. Summon frogs
3. Summon fish
4. Summon crab
5. Summon crocodile
6. Summon tree (attacks but can’t move)
7. Summon water elemental
8. Summon 2 hounds
9. Summon giant wasp
10. Summon rock elemental
11. Summon bird
12. Summon Giant centipede
13. Summon bog goblin
14. Summon shadow warrior
15. Summon Kobold
16. Summon Shadow hounds x4
17. Summon Healing sprite
18. Summon Gigantic crab
19. Open this box and another one
20. Summon Shadow Lord

Box 5 – Traits

1. Glow green
2. Tentacle arm
3. Fiery arms
4. Poison gas breath
5. Metal skin
6. Octopus legs
7. scything talons
8. Wasp wings
9. Sweet drunken haze tentacle
10. Four arms
11. Lower spider body
12. Paralysis mushroom spores
13. Corrosive acid goo skin
14. Skin emits smoke
15. Extra eye
16. Invisible
17. Antennae
18. Fire dragon head
19. Sleep gas breath
20. Open this box again and another one

Box 6 – Random

1. Black powder bomb
2. Extra arm
3. Enemy gains all the stuff he has atm
4. Skeletal hound
5. Sword of paralysis
6. Giant man eating plants (attacks everyone)
7. Flaming hands
8. Darkness
9. Light
10. Itching powder
11. Mirror
12. Trolls attack everyone
13. Everyone is put in a metal cage
14. Raises all the dead nearby
15. Switch oppositions 1d4 turns
16. Pojo attacks everyone
17. Everyone becomes drunk
18. Summons a wall
19. Poisons all food
20. Enemy also gains their own randomizer box

Box 7 – Misc. Items

1. Minor Pot of Bubbly
2. Necklace of Disguise
3. Immobile Rods
4. Rod of Light
5. Cloak of Invisibility
6. Cloak of Eyes
7. Gauntlet of Pain (1d6)
8. Necklace of +2 str
9. Boots of Swiftness +2 agi
10. Hat of Intelligence +2 Int
11. Fire Proof Robe
12. Anti-Frost Blanket
13. Water Flask
14. Fire Flask
15. Acid Goo Flask
16. Cloth of Silence
17. Scarab of Absorption (Magic 1 use)
18. Poisoned Ring (1d4)
19. Open this box again and another
20. Brooch of Aid (Heals 1d6 a turn)

Boxes he can’t yet access

Box 8 – Curses
Box 9 – Laws
Box 10 – ???

Note: There is going to be a way for Xen to be able to replace what is inside the boxes but as of right now it hasn’t been fully fleshed out.


Xen was a young boy who has always had a love for magic. However, unlike other students of magic he always liked to be outside the norm, combining random magic words together in desperate attempts at creating his own unique spells. As you can imagine this often resulted in dangerous and disastrous magical reactions. It was after being banned from almost every magic academy on the continent that Xen broke into a restricted area in one of the academies and combining several books worth of spells together he created a magical explosion so great that it wiped out the entire city. Once the explosion had cleared Xen found himself standing alone amidst the rubble of the once great city, and in his hands was a small wooden chest. This was the day that Xen first became a thema mage, and his theme was instability.

Thema Mage Description: A thema mage is a mage who has become infected by the force of magic itself granting them unique magical abilities not available to other mages based on the theme that the force of magic assigned to the individual. Often the theme assigned represents the individual’s personality. Thema mages each have a unique magic language dedicated solely to their theme, and only others of the same theme can read and chant the spells of that language. This is why although a destruction thema mage may cast a fireball the chant itself to do so will be different from that of a normal mage and vice versa. Also, as a drawback for having their own magical language they also cannot read the magic language of other themes or even the basic magic language used by all other mages.


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