The Demon's Chains


Images caj87 b6 h Bombing, conversion of children to dark religions, being a shade, raising the undead, accepting bribery against the church, disrupting the peace,and robbery. These were the charges brought against Larson Von Grunston, a devilish gnome rogue, The Professor, a lunatic, Gnaeus Naevius, an enigmatic bard, Noridra, a not so holy holy paladin, Arland, a simple farmer (not a hunter/gatherer), Ebony, a twelve year old girl, and Keros, a some would say psychotic witch doctor. After being charged and consequently found guilty in all of the above cases, some more legitimately than others, these individuals all found themselves locked up in a jail on the farside of the town known as, Hathor’s Tear. Sitting in dark dank cells with no apparent way of escaping the coming punishment the prisoners sat and waited for hours until finally hope came to them at last. In each of their cells secret doors flew open revealing a young dashing rogue and a wizened mage standing there. The odd pair told each of the prisoners to form an alliancee with the others and to head down through this secret path and into a labyrinth that would lead them to their freedom. However the odd pair refused to go with the group saying that they had more work to do here and to worry not for the mage would guide our way through the use of his telepathy. Seeing little choice in the matter the unlikely group of companions made their way into the monster infested labyrinth that was their only hope to freedom. Immediately upon entering the labyrinth they were waylaid by a group of kobolds who in a flurry of surprise attacks brought the professor to his knees nearly killing one of the group members in a matter of seconds. Trying to bring light into the dark room that the kobolds were hiding in Gnaeus sang a hymn of light imbuing magic in his voice to make the light appear. However, in his surprise over the kobold ambush he found himself stumbling throughout the song and when he finished instead of a dimly glowing magical light to brighten the room he unleashed a flash bang which shone excrutiatingly bright for a moment before going completely dark again. This flashbang blinded him and his fellows leaving them stumbling and disoriented. Meanwhile the kobolds, or should I say the elite kobold task force as they came to be known, were unharmed by this light and fought more ferociously than ever firing more crossbow bolts into the doorway to the room and attacking the already wounded professor with their spears. Struggling to regain their senses in the all too narrow corridor nothing seemed to be going their way until finally The Professor managed to get ahold of one of his more incendiary potions and lobbed it towward where he thought the nearest kobold was. Unfurtunately his aim was off and instead of smashing into the kobold as he had intended the potion landed behind the dog-like creature lighting the floor and a good portion of the wall on fire. However, despite his miss the flames from the potion now lit up the dark room giving the group the light they needed to fight back. In front of them were two kobolds wielding short spears. In the back of the room their were two more kobolds, one was behind a toppled over table with a crossbow and the other one, also wielding a crossbow, was behind the wall where it turned to form an L-shaped room. Having been able to see the souls of the creatures facing them and not be affected by the flashbang or the darkness Arland pushed his way through the narrow corridor and to the front where he now stood, boar leg in hand, facing the kobold to the professors right. As he traded blows with the creature an envigorating song could be heard echoing from the corridor behind, and as it reached his ears he felt himself grow stronger, quicker, and even smarter. Fighting with this new found strength Arland quickly began to drive the creature back. Meanwhile, Keros A’zul sent the fiendish zombie he had raised from the grave to assist Arland in his fight and Larson Von Grunstonmade a mad dash trying to get to the kobold crossbowmen in the back of the room. The fight with the kobold engaged with Arland and the zombie ended quickly. Keros A’zul used death and decay and along with Arland’s vicious blows it was brought to the ground where the zombie promptly crushed its head with its massive fists. While this was going on Larson von Grunston found himself in a bit of a sticky situation. Having charged towards the kobold crossbowmen he tripped landing heavily on the floor only about halfway to his target. Seeing this as an opportunity to finish off the troublesome gnome the kobold hiding behind the wall snatched up his spear and charged for the gnome as he lay prone on the ground. However, in his zeal to finish off his enemy the kobold ran to fast, lost his footing, tripped over the gnome, and went hurling into the fire that still burned near the wall. The last thing that was heard was his hidious screeches and moans coming from the now pungent fire. Soon after this the rest of the kobolds also met their untimely fate at the hands of the motley group.

Faster Summaries. Would like to make them more detailed later
After that the group fought through many other challenges such as two large wolf spiders, the main host of kobolds and their orc leader, a room full of traps, and even a legendary earthen. After facing these things the doors which would supposively lead them to their freedom swung open, and even as they did so the group blacked out. When they awoke they were in a demonic rift in the planes were an imprisoned demon bound them to himself making the group his slaves until they had collected all 24 of the artifacts of the fey and the demonkin.

NOTE: This is unfinished, and I will finish it as soon as I can, but any player who would like to edit it or carry it on may do so. Also, if you are gonna carry it on as a gm I can’t do this but you could write it from your characters POV I think that’d probly make it pretty interesting. Of course you can always just continue it with how I have it now to all up to you.



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