Ebony is small for her age. She has hollow cheeks and her brow is always creased. Her eyes bore into your soul as if she can read your thoughts. Inside them all that you see is pain and misery. Her eyes are nothing like the eyes of a child: filled with no worries, pain, or knowledge of an evil world. Under her eyes dark shadows haunt her small, adolescent face. She walks soundlessly, without any effort, her footsteps barely audible. Many people mistake her for a haunting spirit seeking its revenge, so that it can eventually rest in peace.


Dearest Father,
I place this note on your death bed and I wish I could say that I am devastated about your passing. However, I used to wonder why death occurs so frequently. I thought that the death of those that you love is unbearable. Once someone passes, you feel guilt rise in your soul because of something that you did to them to make their lives worse. You think that if you had treated them with more kindness and respect that they would die happier. However, as you lay in your death bed, I feel nothing. I suppose that your death isn’t painful because I do not love you. Although, I wish that I could be mourning over a beloved father, you brought nothing but grief to my life. I hope that as you died you thought of what you did to Aidan. How could you murder my only friend? He was the only reason that the days were worth living. We used to sit in the orchard and eat the rich apples that you favored. When we bite into them the sweet juice engulfs our mouths. When you murdered him, I knew that one day you would have the same fate. By killing him you caused me more pain than any of your harsh words and beatings.
Therefore, in honor of your hatred and destruction I plan to create an undead army, so that I can rule the world. I will punish the world as you punished me, because happiness deserves to be destroyed. I will start by killing the peasants that farm outside the walls of the holy city. By killing them I will have a good start to my army; However, this will only be a dent in the amount of men that I will eventually gain. I hope your happy of what I have become.
Your loving daughter,

Hello Father. I am so curious about what it is like for you to rot in the underworld. Sadly,I have failed myself. I managed to get caught and placed in jail for what I’ve done. Apparently killing the peasants for your undead army Is illegal. I now travel with my so called “allies” out of the dungeon. Are they worthy of becoming part of my undead army? Or shall I let them watch in agony and face the wrath of,I,Ebony the 12 year old prodigy?


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